With a little practice and patience, you’ll be a photo transfer ninja. Gel medium with a gloss finish; Paintbrush; Mod Podge finish; Embellishments; Ruler or any Straightedge // Step 1. And that’s the way I feel about Mod Podge photo transfer medium. All you need is: 7. But the results are spectacular! Just coat the back of the skin with either Liquitex Gloss Medium, Gloss Gel or Gloss Heavy Gel. Image/Photo Transfer. Gloss gel medium is going to be mostly transparent whereas white paint is going to obscure any color that may show through. Artist's Loft® Gloss Gel Item # 10222020 . Rated 4 out of 5 by thejaf from works wonderfully! Homemade gel medium gives you control over the ingredients so they can change the characteristics of the paint in a specific way. Gel mediums such as Mod Podge can pull the ink off a printed image. Then place on wax paper (keeping the photo transfer medium and photo face up). then I just gently keep rubbing it with my finger for about 10 minutes pushing it … I use rustoleum photo transfer,I lay the photo down face up on some wax paper cover the entire photo with the transfer medium, flip it onto the project use a roller and a squeegee to get all the glue out. 918. I got two different ones from Michaels, a heavy gel gloss and a soft gel medium (which is why you see two different photos here). Avoid getting the gel medium … Saved by Zoly Sohlir. Gel medium – Golden and Liquitex are my favorites; choose whether you want a matte or glossy finish. Laser-printed photos can become family heirlooms when you imprint them on wood with the help of Mod Podge decoupage glue and gel medium… GEL TRANSFER – RECIPE Materials a digital photographic print on soft, high quality paper, or – thin inexpensive quality photo paper gloss acrylic gel medium only the gloss is completely transparent receiver material not paper, wood, metal, ceramic tile, glass, skin, etc. Wood cut to the same size as photo; Gel Medium (must be an acrylic gel medium) ... After the gel medium is applied, ... Not too glossy, not too matte. 2. Both seemed to work equally well, though the heavy gel seemed like a more solid option. Materials: Golden Gel Medium – Regular (Gloss or Matte) Canvas or wood Photocopy (mirror image) Apply a generous coat of gel medium to the canvas (I painted the canvas a lime green). This Mixed Media Transfer Technique: Make Gel Medium Skins is so much fun to do. Here are some of my most important tips to use Mod Podge photo transfer medium. Inkjet prints won’t work at all or will smear. Gel Medium and Mod Podge Transfer Pros and Cons. It’s very similar to Mod Pod and Glue way, but instead of glue, a gel medium is used as a transfer medium and Mod Podge to finish off. Since we used two pieces of wood, we needed some fastening brackets to make sure the wood stuck together. a spatula to spread the gel medium (fingers are okay) You don’t need glue to go along with it like you do for other photo transfers! You will need the following supplies:-Any size canvas, depending on the size of photo to be transferred-Liquitex Gloss Medium and Varnish (can also use Liquitex Gloss Gel, Heavy Gloss Gel or Super Heavy Gloss Gel) It did take a couple of days for the gel medium to cure and turn clear. Acrylic Retarder 070 Bottle 75 ml. Let the photos completely dry overnight on the wax paper. Glazing Medium Gloss 018 Bottle 250 ml. The nontoxic formula makes this a suitable craft project for both young children and adults. I like any gessoed panel or canvas board for these projects, ... Here’s more print transfer using gel medium-plus a bunch of other techniques to transfer images onto wood surfaces. Pros: Your wood can be a little less perfectly smooth since the image is being transferred to the gel sitting on top of the wood, it’s easy to get a great print. The ingredients of gel medium vary, but it always consists of a thinner and a drying oil. ... Photo On Wood Picture On Wood Gel Medium Transfer Picture Transfer To Wood Fun Projects Wood Projects Acrylic Gel Medium Mod Podge Gloss Mod Podge Crafts. Then quickly position it onto the support with the wet side down and press. Paint a thick layer of the gel medium onto the front of your picture. Thank you for visiting The Graphics Fairy today! Not only gel medium enhances the adhesive properties of the paint, but it can also be used on its own as a great adhesive base for collage or mixed media. You can view the first one here.) In the tut below, they are using a laser printed photo and not ink jet print. Photo Transfer to wood Using Gel Medium and Mod Podge. How to transfer a photo to fabric: 1. Promotions. Smooth out the back of the print with your fingers. Current price: Liquitex Acrylic Mediums are made from 100% acrylic polymer emulsion, and form durable films when dry. Extra Heavy Gel Medium Matt 022 Jar 250 ml. Gel medium is available for purchase at art supply stores and online, but some artists prefer to make it themselves. I wanted a medium to use almost as glue for my paper on paper projects and to use to transfer images. Once dry, turn a photo over, dampen in the sink (or with a spray bottle) and start rubbing away the paper. Oh yes! Rub a layer of gel transfer medium onto the glass. Help the sticking process by leaving it to dry under a weight - simply cover the skin with … Zoom Liquitex Medium - Gel Medium, Gloss, 8 oz jar +9. Read more. Mod Podge Photo Transfer Tips. 2 Photo prints on paper, Transfer medium, and heat transfer. Unfortunately it has a strong and unpleasant smell of ammonia, unlike other gloss mediums I've used. Photo transfer projects are very popular right now, so today I will show you how it's done so you can jump on this trend! 8. Photo image transfers onto canvas tutorial with Gel Medium (with pictures!) This allows you to take a picture and transfer it onto canvas or a similar surface. Press it onto a piece of fabric and let it dry for several hours or overnight. Choose a photo you wish to transfer to a wood plank. Extra Heavy Gel Medium Gloss 021 Jar 1000 ml. 3-4. That would cause the ink to smear. After your image is completely dry, use a spray bottle to wet the top of the paper. Use a craft brush to spread the transfer medium so that your fingers stay clean. Transferring an image with gel medium ashley hackshaw lil blue boo mixed media how to inkjet photo transfers artistic portland transferring an image with gel medium ashley hackshaw lil blue boo picture transferred on wood using liquitex gel medium and mod how to transfer a photo wood beautiful mess how to make your own wooden photo ornaments gel medium photo transfers you. Glazing Medium Matt 017 Bottle 250 ml. (This is the 2nd tutorial of the “transfer” series. While the gel is wet, carefully place the print face down into the wet gel. by Ruby December 19, 2015. Heavy Gel Medium Matt 020 Jar 250 ml. This gloss gel medium has the same body and viscosity of acrylic color straight from the tube. Gel Medium Matt 080 Jar 1000 ml. Masking Fluid Gum Arabic Ox Gall Iridescent medium. You can use your finger and medium pressure. I think this is the most popular way for photo transfer to wood. Acrylic-painted surface. Apply a generous layer of transfer medium to the section of glass that you’ll apply the image to. You can do it on the cheap by knabbing leftover scraps of wood from hardware stores and sneaking in a couple photo copies at the office. Works well for the purpose I needed - as a transfer medium to print photos onto wood. Make sure it's lined up properly because once it makes contact you can't be wiggling the print around. You can pick these up at any hardware store. They have excellent flexibility and resistance to chemicals, water, abrasion and ultraviolet radiation. I hope you enjoyed playing with me in my Graphics Fairy sandbox! Gel Medium Gloss 094 Jar 1000 ml. Step 7: Hanging the Print. Date published: 2016-06-30. It works with black and white or color ones. While t here are photo transfers you can do with regular Mod Podge, the Mod Podge brand photo transfer medium is its own item and is a one step process. Completely cover your image with gel medium. Make sure to coat the paper completely. What is Gel Medium? 5. A: It's a completely different product. I used gel medium gloss to attach it. 5. Odourless solvent Distilled turpentine Alkyd driers Stand oils Linseed oil. Apply a medium coat of gel medium to the toner side of the cut-out print with a paintbrush. It's basically like mod podge in my opinion but better! Use a heavy coat. I remember being able to do a sort of transfer with Polaroids as well. Mounting Photos to Wood With Mod Podge. Gesso Gloss,Satin & Matte medium & varnish Liquefying mediums String gel medium Crackle medium Photo transfer medium Binder medium Pouring medium Many quality brands. So here’s the point: you’re going to master it, I promise! Cons: You need to use laser prints or photocopies. 2 types: A gloss gel medium is a transparent medium which dries to a gloss finish while a matte gel medium dries to a matte finish. Step 2. This is a method similar to the earlier method – but here the special gel medium (Acrylic gel medium) is applied on the print you have and then it is kept on the fabric and rubbed. ... Can liquitex gloss gel be used for photo transfer. There are different types of acrylic gel mediums you can use. Report. Wait, what? The image will be transferred to the fabric beautifully. Water Colour Mediums. To start, paint a thick layer of the gel medium onto the copy of your photo. My guess is that the paint will not release as well as the gel medium. Tip: Use matte gel if you glue on the matte surface like paper/canvas. Transfer images or photo with the acrylic gel medium? ... Labels: canvas, gel medium, gloss, image transfer, instructions, laser printed, liquitex, manual ... Photo Canvas Collage prints are the ideal way to display lots of your stunning images without buying masses of bulky picture frames or cluttering up the house. When mixed with quality acrylics, this gloss gel increases the brilliance and transparency of your favorite paint without changing its thickness. Quite thick, so you need to give it a good old spread about - a foam 'brush' is useful. Print it out on a toner based color printer. Step 2: Cover the image with gel medium. Fun Crafts Arts And Crafts Paper Crafts Wood Crafts Photo Projects Art Projects Foto Transfer Transfer Printing Cool Ideas. Hi there! A versatile medium, it can be used as an extender, ground or binder that lets you achieve textured glazes and oil paint-like color depth that dries to a gloss finish. Golden Soft Gel Gloss Medium is the best photo transfer medium I have ever used. Oil Mediums. Gel medium dries clear to translucent, depending on thickness of application. You can purchase gel transfer medium at … Since 1967, the Plaid Company has offered this product as an adhesive and sealer for craft projects. Liquitex® Gloss Gel Medium is rated 4.0 out of 5 by 2. Add body to color for impasto techniques or use it to extend the drying time of your acrylic paints. Rated 4 … Also keep in mind that you cannot use the Photo Transfer Medium for regular decoupaging. Crafters recommend using either Liquitex Professional Gloss Gel Medium or Golden Soft Gel Gloss Medium .